Our Story

The very first coconuts showed their delicious selves millions of years ago. We at Kentaste didn’t get cracking with them until somewhat later, but let’s just say it was worth the wait.

Since 2011, we’ve been nuts about quality and keeping things natural with our favorite fruit. After all, when you work exclusively with the locally sourced Kenyan variety like we do, you don’t need to change much. And we don’t: No fillers. No additives. It’s been a pure coconut taste each and every time since we started as a small family-owned business.

We’re bigger now, but we remain firmly committed to producing only all natural coconut milk, cream and oil for our customers who use it in sauces, drinks, curries and desserts. On the health side, our oil is prized as a moisturizer/conditioner to keep their hair and skin beautifully vibrant.

Beyond the coconut, our story is also about people and the place we call home. Everything about Kentaste is proudly Kenyan, starting with our name. We source all our fruits locally from coastal Kenyan farmers. We process, package and distribute our coconut products here, employing Kenyan staff.

At Kentaste, we’re here for the long haul to produce great products that enrich lives, from our customers to employees. Perhaps that’s why folks here in Kenya love how we do things, even if they had to wait a few million years.