Our Impact

We believe in running a company where everyone gets their fair share of the
rewards, and we recognize that our purpose goes far beyond profit and that
we should have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Environmental Stewardship

At Kentaste we are committed to keeping the local ecology as unchanged as possible so that future generations can enjoy this beautiful corner ofthe world, and our growers will continue to make their livelihoods from our favorite tree of life.
Our environmental approach consists of three key pillars

waste reduction coconut
waste reduction

Waste Reduction

Internally we are firmly committed to becoming a zero waste company and have developed systems to ensure that we minimize as much waste as possible. This means we utilize almost every part of the coconut from kernel to water.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Through our seedling program we provide farmers with indigenous crops that help maintain the local ecological balance. We work with these very same farmers to ensure they are organic certified which minimizes the use of harmful pesticides, and maintains a good soil base in the local ecosystem

Finally by supporting local farmers with an additional revenue stream, Kentaste actively supports the blue economy and helps prevent the overfishing of Kenya’s beautiful marine ecosystems

plants of coconut
renewable energy

Renewable energy

In addition to this we utilize solar energy at our facilities to support the day to day running of our factory.

renewable energy

Social Impact

Kentaste is committed to creating positive social change in our community. We are connected to and invested in the well-being of the people around us and work closely with them to build a better future.
We source all our coconuts from over 3200 (and growing) smallholder farmers 50% of whom are organic and fairtrade certified in over 63 rural villages across the Kenyan coast.

We recognise the difficulties faced by rural smallholder farmers and have over the years created a robust pipeline for them to sell their product.

This has created access to capital and consequently better education, better healthcare and an improved quality of life.

These farmers are the foundation of Kentaste and helping them thrive promotes the considerable resources towards training them in organic farming practices designed to promote transparent, profitable and sustainable growing practices while also protecting the well-being of the farmers.

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