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Mwanasiti Said

Mwanasiti is a 70-year-old grandma who has lived in Mabokoni for 50 years. For all those 50 years she has been a coconut farmer alongside her husband. As her main source of livelihood, coconuts have helped her take her kids through school. She is now able to support her grandkids through school.

At her age, she can no longer till her land or carry produce to the market. This has however not affected her financially. Unlike vegetables, coconuts are not as labor-intensive and do not require tilling. Additionally, Kentaste, who buys coconuts from her, harvests the coconuts so she never has to lift a finger.

Alongside coconuts, Mwanasiti plants mangoes and oranges. While all her crops are threatened by failing rains, coconuts are more resilient. She hopes to save up enough money, buy a water pump and diversify into vegetable farming. With surplus water, she can double down on coconut farming and have a productive farm to leave to her grandkids.