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Nzilani Ndavi

Nzilani has lived in Kwale County since 1974 when she got married. Her journey as a coconut farmer started at the same time her marriage began. Nzilani lives on her farm with her sons who help out with farm work. The coconut trees on her farm were planted by her husband’s parents and 50 years on, they continue to be her source of livelihood.

Three years ago she started selling coconuts to Kentaste. Unlike other middlemen in the region, Kentaste buys from Nzilani at reliable prices, sometimes at double the amount other middlemen buy. Buying from Kentaste came in handy for Nzilani and other farmers during the pandemic lockdowns. When other buyers stopped buying coconuts, Kentaste continued to provide a market.

Another reason why Nzilani loves working with Kentaste is that the company’s extension officers provide tips on how to increase production. The company has been encouraging farmers to undertake organic farming to increase the value of their crop.