October 2022


Nzilani has lived in Kwale County since 1974 when she got married. Her journey as a coconut farmer started at the same time her marriage began. Nzilani lives on her farm with her sons who help out with farm work. The coconut trees on her farm were planted by her husband's parents and 50 years on, they continue to be her source of livelihood.

Mwanasiti is a 70-year-old grandma who has lived in Mabokoni for 50 years. For all those 50 years she has been a coconut farmer alongside her husband. As her main source of livelihood, coconuts have helped her take her kids through school. She is now able to support her grandkids through school. 

If Said wasn’t a farmer he would be a soccer referee, a construction worker or a taxi driver. For years he wore all these hats. But after his father passed away and left his farm, his path became clearer: he would become a farmer.

John has lived in Fihoni, Kwale County since 1996. He used to be a potato farmer in Nyeri County. He would drive down to the coast to find a market for his produce. This he would find in hotels and restaurants. He fell in love with the region and ultimately moved his family to Fihoni. Ever since he moved to Kwale, John has farmed mangoes and coconuts.